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Mahesh Kashyap

Mahesh Kashyap

(Founding Partner)

I have been active in financial services Industry for almost 2 decades now. I began my first company in 2006 and had my first brush with market dynamics in 2008. It was also during this time I started my career in financial industry where I worked within engineering teams for Wells Fargo, GE Capital, Bank of America, and Capital One before resuming my entrepreneurial journey with GroupInc Consulting. I have been part of many successful companies in Finance & Investment domain.

We set up a team of highly quants, who comprises of people proficient in applied mathematics and statistics. We build and deploy financial models for NASDAQ and NYSE that perform Risk Management in Regulated, Latency-Sensitive, High-volume global trade Environment.

  • What We Do

    We build comprehensive solutions for pre-trade risk controls and asset management.

    We program risk control at operational level and manage data flow for end-to-end systems.

    We process third-party market data on cloud for Errors & Validation, data cleansing & transformation.

    We provide machine learning & AI expertise as an extended team.

    We fully automate your existing strategies in both risk-controlled & time sensitive environment.

    What We Do
  • Why Work with Us

    Why Work with Us

    We are team of research professionals, seasoned programmers who have years of experience building end-to-end software, machine learning & other AI models, automating strategies for Finance & Investment Management Industry.

    Our quant team is built around mathematicians and statisticians. People with pure passion for numbers, data and quantitate strategies.

    We have over ten years of experience running models on the cloud with low latency and high accuracy at fraction of costs associated with traditional models. We have built comprehensive systems supporting vast number of users and systems with 99.9% uptime.

    With proven experience of building and deploying financial models to launching them as products, we have a team with unbeatable real market experience.

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