New Year, Fresh Starts but why you have that Decade Old Portal & Practices – Self Diagnosis Steps

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New Year, Fresh Starts but why you have that Decade Old Portal & Practices – Self Diagnosis Steps

Self Diagnosis of your Digital STtrategy

Digital Branding for your business made easy

We try to fool ourselves all the time when a change is happening. When Facebook went public, I hesitated in buying their shares, thinking that the company is way over-valued but soon realized that it was me who was not accepting the reality( I made mistake but learnt from it). You might be thinking what the heck is this guy talking about stock market in this post. The thing that I failed to realize was, that people are moving away from desktops and now doing everything on their Mobile Device ( BTW Facebook’s Mobile Ad revenue exploded in recent years).

I meet business owners everyday including CPAs , Attorneys and other Small to Medium sized businesses and within few seconds after looking at their website, Digital Marketing strategy I feel that they are missing out on lot of action, lot of potential revenue by making those mistakes that I did in my past.

I help them realize their mistakes and create a plan of action but the most important step in all of this noise is to admit that there is a problem. As a Small to Medium Sized Business owner if you do not admit then you will not be able to make changes to increase your revenues multi-fold (YES! it is possible )

If you want to self- diagnose ( Digital Doctors don’t recommend this as you can be biased) on what mistakes you are making today then follow these following steps –

  1. Check your Website – Is it Mobile Friendly? Is it SEO optimized? Do you connect with your target audience well? Are you letting go of your potential clients easily while they are window shopping(Read this blog to know what I am talking about)?
  2. Your Sales/Marketing Funnel – Do you have most up to date strategies in place to Automate your Digital Marketing? There are bunch of tools that you can use like clickfunnels, instapage, hubspot etc
  3. Social Media Strategy – Yes! you are wrong. Social media is not a Fad . What are you doing about it? Make sure you are implementing some of the cutting Edge strategies to get more clients. You can self learn lot of this stuff on google or youtube. In case you have any questions then feel free to ping me!
  4. SEO – This is Real Deal! But beware of lot of bad practices are out there ( There are no Bad people, just bad practices due to lack of knowledge or they just don’t care). Google provide some cool Tips & Tricks to improve your Onsite SEO. You have to follow some of the offsite practices to get that SEO juice for your website

If you are missing on any of the above then you are missing a lot. Just Imagine that well oiled machine that can do stuff at much faster pace while a machine which has some pieces missing can be little unreliable.

Well I would like to wish everyone Happy New year and hope 2017 will bring happiness, joy, good health good fortune in our lives


Mahesh Kashyap

CEO @ GroupInc Consulting

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