Digital Window Shopping – An Overview of your Broken Funnel

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December 24, 2016
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Digital Window Shopping – An Overview of your Broken Funnel

Convert incoming traffic to clients

Digital Window Shopper

Imagine you have a Brick and Mortar store and everyday you have people coming in , checking out your merchandise and leave without making any purchase. You are loosing money if you cannot engage those “Potential Customers” and Convert them into “Clients” or “Paying Customer”

Convert incoming traffic to clients

Digital Window Shopper

Why is your Digital Funnel Broken?

  1. If you do not have a way to capture information on incoming web traffic to your website then you are loosing money
  2. If you do not have way to engage & talk to your “Potential Customers”
  3. If you are not providing right information or product( Can be distractions or actual information is lost between not required stuff) to your “Potential Customer”
  4. If you can re-target or ethically Stalk ( Digitally) your customer
  5. If you do not have a automated system built in to convert them into clients

The Art of making money online, building your strong Digital brand, selling your services or products or even grow your business in short period of time can require certain skill set , knowledge & experience which many so-called Guru(s) lack. You need to have a Plan, a Strategy in order to quickly ramp up your business & services.

Here are few Tips to Fix your Funnel

  • Make sure you have a Good, Responsive Website which is SEO friendly
  • Implement Exit Intent Popup in order to capture email, offer discounts & more
  • If you do Facebook or Google Marketing then implement Facebook Pixel, Google Tracking code in order to Track & Re-target your customers ( Studies have shown if they see you again few more times then they most likely will purchase your product & services)
  • Implement Drip Marketing Campaigns in order to reach out to “Potential Customers” who have shown interest in your business or services

Good Luck implementing these Strategies in your business in order grow. In case you have questions then feel free to reach out!


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