Top 4 Techniques to Become “Digital Mayor” ” Subject Matter Expert” & More in your Niche

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December 1, 2016
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December 29, 2016

Top 4 Techniques to Become “Digital Mayor” ” Subject Matter Expert” & More in your Niche

As Gary Vaynerchuk, an online marketing leader, mentioned in one of his favorite speeches to Real Estate Agents:  Become a “Digital Mayor”. I totally agree with him and also want you to project that you are ” The” Subject Matter Expert in your own Niche.

Gone are the days when you can win clients by just advertising, or running a million dollar advertisements. You need to showcase your strength, your business prowess, your acute understanding of your Niche. “Digital Footprint” is must these days and you can build your business organically by following following 4 Techniques ( You need discipline & consistency)

  1. Blogging: Sharing your thoughts, Tips & Tricks and your knowledge is still one of the best way to flex your knowledge in front of your potential clients. They will read, learn and remember you as one of the Top Expert in your Niche
  2. SEO: You can write great stuff but can you make sure that your thoughts can reach out to right audience. One of the Best way to grow any business is to follow some of the Best SEO practices. Make sure that you are doing it right otherwise it can be a double edged sword which can do more harm to your business
  3. Email Automation: Are you using right baits & hooks on your website to capture email addresses. Do you have a right Funnel built to make that email list work for you. With so many tools & techniques offered today, it is very hard to sift thru the noise and making right selection for your business.
  4. Social Media: Forget about any other social media platform, you need to learn how to use Facebook & Instagram effectively. Between these 2 tools you can explode your business if done correctly. If you are not utilizing custom List to post your messages on your personal page then you need to start doing so.

Good Luck implementing these strategies for your business. In case you have more questions or need to learn more on how grow your business with these techniques then feel free to schedule a free strategy session (No Strings Attached! )

Mahesh Kashyap

CEO @GroupInc Consulting



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