Artificial Intelligence – What you need to know for your organization

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January 19, 2017
Building AI based systems
Artificial Intelligence- Will it impact your Organization?
June 6, 2017
How to A.I

How to A.I

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept but with recent developments and companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google and others offering platform(s) to build A.I based systems to everyone is changing the game. There are always constraints , Limitations on what we ( Humans) can do. After all we need to sleep, attend to our family and follow a certain routine but with the advent of these new machines which can self learn is changing lot of things

Artificial Intelligence

AI based systems

Lot of big corporations are already building AI based systems which are capable of mimicking humans and in some cases even show a better performance, thus saving them time and money. Some may argue about AI based systems replacing jobs but you cannot close your eyes to something that is inevitable. In-fact the best way to prepare for future is to be prepared. The very first step id to understand what type of industries/Trade will get impacted by these systems

  1. Data oriented companies – I would say all and every company out there consume data. The biggest impact will be industries in these verticals: Legal, Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Medical, Customer Care, and few others
  2. Repetitive Processes – If there is certain process is needs to rely on repetitive flows or certain fixed way of handling then those processes might be a good candidate for A.I based systems.
  3. Automation – Automation is on rise and so does technology associated with it. If a company is looking to automate certain processes and they are not leveraging A.I based systems then they might left behind in long term
How to A.I

How to A.I

Do you think you will get impacted? I would say Yes!

If you are unsure on how to prepare for this inevitable change and stay competitive in these new times then let us know. We are working hard for our clients to help them set up Artificial Intelligence based systems couple with Cognitive learning and machine learning. You can just plan for a proof of concept or pilot program to measure how it (A.I) can fare against with regular processes and systems. Let us help you get started today

-Mahesh Kashyap

CEO @ GroupInc Consulting


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