What’s next for Amazon – Whole Foods Deal

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What’s next for Amazon – Whole Foods Deal

Amazon Whole Food Deal Analysis

Amazon Whole food – What’s next

I am sure you can see it but in case you didn’t notice then a second hand book seller “Amazon” just bought one of the biggest organic food retail chain “Whole Foods” . I am sure this deal has raised some eyebrows but the world that we live in is changing at a pace which many of out there cannot comprehend.

So what is next for Whole Foods?

Before we go into that let’s take a step back and see why and how Amazon rose to great heights in just few years. The Simple answer is: Adopting Technology at a rate that the competition cannot see what just hit ’em. Apart from some other successful businesses that Amazon forayed into like AWS (Amazon Web Services), they have invested a lot in upgrading their technology – Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more

Let’s come back to the question on what is going to happen at Whole Foods Market or what kind of changes to expect. I believe Amazon is going to leverage enormous data to drive more customers to store, adopt more automation, simplify some of the existing processes, integrate Amazon prime with grocery delivery/business

Why Data?

Data is new gold mine or some say “oil reserves” of future. If you have capability to extract, transform and make sense of that ginormous ( not sure if it is a word) data then you are at a good spot. Not many companies know what to do and where to start with it.

Why us?

Our Core focus is around Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and we love to work with Small to Medium sized companies. If you are in verticals/businesses such as customer support, Legal, Finance, Investment advisory and Management, Insurance, Medical, Supply Chain Management, Real Estate with Revenue between $5 MM-$500MM and you do not have a firm strategy in place then you need to set up your Free Consultation today

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