Artificial Intelligence- Will it impact your Organization?

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Artificial Intelligence – What you need to know for your organization
May 21, 2017
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June 18, 2017
Building AI based systems

AI based systems

I have been a strong proponent of always stay in touch with reality. Artificial Intelligence is on top of my mind these days apart from some other things. I always try my best to find time to meet with people and love to talk about market, work, economy and overall market. I have had many discussions where some people do accept these changing times and lot more try to stick with no change philosophy

Whether we like it or not the technology is really shaping our present and future. I am seeing many big companies already making very good advancements in AI based technology . The biggest question on everyone’s radar is: if my job is safe? Will robots will take over my industry or profession?

Based on my knowledge, here are some of the key sectors/verticals that are going to get impacted big time ( some sooner than later)

  • Recruiting Industry is going to see impact where companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence to do same job as a headhunter except a little better( in some cases. It will get better)
  • Banking Industry is going to use AI based systems to interact with customers, analyze tons of data, go through compliance tasks, underwrite, customer account management. Many big banks such as Capital one, Chase are already implementing AI based smart systems to improve on many fronts while saving both time and money
  • Big Call Centers are going to be a thing of past. With advancements in AI based Chatbots this industry is going thru a major change
  • e Commerce & companies selling their products online need to leverage AI to improve their Sales & ROI. Some companies are already testing AI based products to see how it fares against today’s processes
  • Legal Industry will also get impacted with the advent of AI based systems capable of going thru tons of documentation within seconds, providing abstracts of legal documents and more, thus saving lot of attorney hours
  • Supply Chain Management, Medical Industry,Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Apps, Transportation sector, Admin jobs and many other verticals are going to get impacted with this change

The biggest question is: which companies are going to step forward and accept the change while others waiting for inevitable to happen. We are already learning to adapt, helping our clients to understand a bit more about this subject and what they can do to move forward with confidence

I still love to read newspaper & sip a cup of coffee amidst all this hustle & bustle

Mahesh Kashyap

CEO @GroupInc Consulting


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