7 ways to get more clients for your cpa practice by leveraging google tools

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7 ways to get more clients for your cpa practice by leveraging google tools

7 Methods to get clients for your Accounting practice

Build your CPA Practice with these 7 methods

I get calls all day for one of my technology startup regarding getting marketing services/more clients/SEO/SEM etc. Out of curiosity I do get on these calls once in a while and try to understand what these companies, marketing agencies are offering.

The call start like this:

Marketer: Hey! my name is “XXX”. I help businesses like you get more clients thru Facebook advertisement or thru Google Adwords. I have helped similar businesses in past

Me: Do you know what I do? What are my pain point?

Marketer : I would love to know about that……..

In most of the cases I try to ditch the call as there is no one medicine for all the ailments.

As a new or growing CPA Firm or Accounting Practice you have one challenge in front of you: Getting more clients, preferably business clients. One of the mistake that most of you makes is each year you do lot of experimentation on how to get more clients. That hope & determination meets the cold unknown & unexpected, resulting in missing your target.

Only few CPAs & Accountants have cracked the code or atleast they leverage a specialist who provide them with a predictable system for both short term & long term blueprint to get good number of quality customers every month with predictability

Here are Few Tips that will help your CPA Practice gain more clients –

  1. Google Adwords tend to be more effective for CPAs than any other digital marketing channel. Though I would also recommend allocating some of the budget for Facebook Marketing
  2. Make sure your business is listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing local business directories – Why? When you run your adwords campaign you can integrate Google Places with your adwords which increase the effectiveness of your campaign
  3. Set up a Dynamic call tracking to see how effective your ads leads to a phone call from your website
  4. Set up a Conversion tracking for website to get insight on how effective your ad campaign is and track customer activity on website ( You do not want to keep shooting in dark)
  5. Always build a landing page to send potential clients when they click on your Ad
  6. Make sure you incorporate Exit Intent popup, in case they are leaving the website and you hit them up with an amazing offer that they cannot refuse ( Atleast you will collect their email )
  7. Utilize Email Automation to set up drip marketing campaign

You should have a right mix of strategy to gain clients. Project yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in your city in order to build your brand. In case you have questions on how you can achieve thes then you can always hit me up to set up your Free Strategy session. I can help you provide extra clarity on what you need to do in order to succeed. You can take those pointers to work with anyone else if you decide



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